Shepherd’s Keep

Shepherd’s Keep is a home for abandoned babies, HIV positive or not, from birth to six months old.

Situated in the Bluff area of Durban, they have had baby after baby coming to the safety of Shepherd’s Keep, in the dark of the African night and at the crack of dawn-little scraps of humanity, often wrapped in nothing but an old blanket or towel, frightened and hungry, desperately tired and just wanting loving arms and that bottle of warm milk!

3 babies are abandoned every 48 hours in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.Most babies are abandoned in municipal toilets, latrines and refuse bags.

The aim of Shepherd’s Keep is threefold,

  1. To provide loving, excellent care for abandoned babies and to work with social workers to find parents for all babies.
  2. to comfort and care for terminally ill babies and provide hospice care.
  3. to train caregivers from poverty-stricken areas and impact HIV infection rate with education and counselling through our Hands of Mercy ministry.

For more information on Shepherd’s Keep please visit their website.