Our Projects

Operation Jumpstart Association NPC has aided more than 1 400 organisations  in KwaZulu-Natal since its inception.

OJA does not provide cash handouts to charities. Our dream has always been to provide measurable and tangible benefits to worthy organisations.  We know that there are many individuals or groups of people who have identified a need within their communities and want to get involved in making a positive difference. However, they lack the funds or the experience to get a project off the ground.  It is these projects that we seek to assist.

How we Help – Properties and Wheelchairs

Operation Jumpstart Association NPC has purchased a number of properties in KZN.  We make these properties available as premises to Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) and where necessary assist with equipment.

Disaster emergency funds are provided in certain cases. Eg During the Covid-19 pandemic. and the 2022 Floods in KZN.

Since the organisation began, it has provided more than 9, 500 wheelchairs to needy people in the province.  Wheelchairs KZN works with a variety of organizations including NPOs, hospitals, schools, welfare organisations and FBOs.