Operation Jumpstart Association NPC (OJA) is a grant maker, founded in 1992.

After the commencement of the National Lottery OJA shifted focus away from educational and community structures to the provision of infrastructure for charity organisations..

The main objective of Operation Jumpstart Association NPC is to alleviate human suffering through the support of various projects and the provision of resources and services (registered as public benefit organisations) within the Province of KwaZulu-Natal

Establishment of Operation Jumpstart Association NPC

The KZN Lotto ran successfully for five years (1992 – 1996), during which time a significant amount of funds was accrued for charitable donation. Operation Jumpstart Association was established to manage these funds and identify opportunities within the province to contribute to worthy causes, initially with focus on grass-roots educational facilities including school classrooms, creches and adult education centres. Since its inception in 1992, Operation Jumpstart Association (OJA) is proud to have been associated with many projects which have improved the lives of the individuals and communities in the province.

Development Stages of OJA

In April 1998, the OJA Board of Directors decided to establish Community Care Centres (CCC), a non-profit organization (NPO) with an associated management board, as its primary vehicle for implementation. A Community Care Centre will typically provide several interventions including a safe haven for victims and vulnerable people, counselling and care and education or training initiatives. They offer a safety net for the most vulnerable members of our society. In funding and mentoring Community Care Centres, Operation Jumpstart Association seeks to educate and inform the public, to let them know that there are places where assistance can be found and to encourage communities to start their own initiatives.

In July 2000, another programme named Wheelchairs KZN (WKZN) was established in response to the need to restore some mobility and dignity to those who genuinely could not afford to purchase their own wheelchairs.

Operation JumpStart Association has developed a 5-year strategic plan that aims to improve the quality of life for vulnerable communities in KZN. Their mission states they support the transformation and empowerment of vulnerable communities in KZN through partnerships. This includes mobilising resources through Public Private Partnerships to increase and diversity their resource base to improve asset management and investments.

An important part of building partnerships is to develop a robust and trusted brand for OJA. Currently OJA has minimum social media presence, and their existing online presence lacks the information likely to attract and retain partnerships. This proposal sets out a plan for raising the public awareness of OJA and the impact their initiatives have on the lives of their beneficiaries

NPO Registration: 011-496 NPO
PBO Registration: 930008976



Improved quality of life for vulnerable communities in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.


We support the transformnation and empowerment of vulnerable communities in KwaZulu Natal through partnerships.