Property Beneficiaries

Open Door Crisis Centre

The Open Door Crisis Care Centre (The Open Door) is a non-profit, interdenominational outreach organisation established in 1997 by Thora Mansfield at the request of the local South African Police Services.  The aim is to sustain a holistic, multifaceted one-stop crisis and trauma centre offering counseling, social services, and support groups.

Contact: Ms Thora Mansfield, Director

(031) 709 2679



Careline Crisis Centre

Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre

The CC&TC maintains a proactive presence in cases of crisis and trauma in urban and rural areas. It must be emphasized that our operations successes are the result of a large team effort. Many businesses, community members and churches have played huge supportive roles. The City Hill church in Hillcrest has been a supporter of the CC&TC since it`s early inception.

Contact: Joey du Plessis, Director

Phone: 031 765 1587


Themba Club Care

Themba Club NPO Started in 1992. We are based in KZN South Coast and so far we have 3 shelters for the needy children. We offer Drop-in Centre, Shelter.

Contact: Mrs Ncumisa Madikida, Director

Phone: (039) 679 1091



South Coast Hospice Association

South Coast Hospice provides palliative care and support to patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, motor neuron disease, TB and MDR TB. We provide a choice of specialist care and support to enable patients to attain the highest possible quality of life, using an interdisciplinary approach.

Contact: Ms Shamila Clothier, Operations Manager

Phone: (039) 682 5391


Pinetown-Highway Child & Family Welfare Society

Pinetown-Highway Child & Family Welfare Society is committed to protecting and assisting children.


  • To protect and care for children within and outside families.
  • Strengthen families and community life through rendering therapeutic and community development services.
  • Create community awareness and concern for the basic needs of children and families in a bid to empower communities to assume responsibility for their children thus strengthening the concept of ubuntu.

Contact:  Ms Pather– Director

Phone: (031) 701 3288 


Zululand Hospice Association

Improving the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life-threatening illness.

At Zululand Hospice we provide Comfort, Care and Compassion to patients in the final stages of cancer.

Contact: Ms Christiana Samuel – General Manager

Phone: (035) 772 4910


Child & Family Welfare – Matatiele

Child & Family Welfare – Matatiele, is a HIV/AIDS healthcare organisation, in Matatiele, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

We offer free social services to the public. House and educate abandoned and orphaned children. House and educate boys who have lived on the streets. Door to door care of child headed households.

Contact: Mrs Liz Whittle –Director

Telephone: 082 777 5892

SANCA, Zululand

is a non-government organisation, established in 1956. Our major objectives are the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug dependence. These objectives are achieved through the provision of highly effective primary and secondary prevention services, as well as comprehensive treatment programmes for chemically dependent people and their families.

Contact: Shireen Sahadev – Director

Phone: (035) 772 3290 



childline house

Childline – KZN

Childline KZN is a non-profit organisation whose main purpose is the development of a society FREE of child abuse in which every person takes responsibility for promoting the protection and RIGHTS.

Contact: Vennaspri Pillay – Director

Phone: (031) 312 0904 

Email:  childline

LifeLine Pietermaritzburg

LifeLine Pietermaritzburg trading as LifeLine & Rape Crisis is a registered civil society organisation which offers generic counselling free of charge to anyone who needs such service.

The organisation was established in 1972, it thus has a proud record of serving the Pietermaritzburg and Midlands clusters continuously for years. During this time it has assisted many thousands of people, to deal with a variety of traumatic events.

LifeLine Pietermaritzburg is affiliated to LifeLine South Africa, but each centre functions independently and is not financially dependent to the National office.

Contact: Snikiwe Biyela – Director

Phone: (033) 342 4447 


Save the Children

The story of Save the Children is one of hope and deeply passionate and committed people, determined to make the world a better place for all our children. In Save the Children we believe that all children and adolescents deserve to have a decent present and future. In South Africa and around the world, we work every day to give children a good start in life, as well as the opportunity to learn and be protected from violence or any other damage.

Contact: Varsha Chhagan – Provincial Manager

Phone: 031 2029231


Alzheimer’s SA

Alzheimer’s SA NPC is dedicated to providing support for families and individuals and strives to advocate on their behalf, to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer’s/dementia and their carers. Alzheimer’s SA was founded in 1985 as a non-profit organisation managed by a national executive council. The organisation was registered as a non-profit company in October 2016 managed by a board of directors.

Contact: Kim Hellberg – Director

Phone: 031 702 8811


Thandanani Children’s Foundation

Our vision is that communities provide safe and nurturing environments for orphans and other vulnerable children (particularly those affected and infected by HIV/Aids) within their communities of origin. Our Mission is to build the capacity of communities in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa to respond to the basic material, physical, cognitive and emotional needs of their orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

Contact: Duncan Andrews – Director

Phone: (033) 345 1857


Ukuba Nesibindi (LifeLine Dbn)

LifeLine Durban is a non-profit, non-government organization that is in existence since 1970. LifeLine Durban exists to facilitate the emotional wellness of individuals and communities. The vision is a mentally and emotionally healthy South Africa.

LifeLine Durban aims to offer mental and emotional health services within the culture of Human Rights, through programmes that are preventative and responsive.

Contact: Vanespiri Pillay, Project Manager

Head Office Phone: 031 303 1344

National Line: 0861 322 322




At iThembalethu we believe in the power of transformation. God loved first and gave Himself so that we have a destiny. We believe that everyday we have the privilege to follow that example.

iThemba Lethu’s strategy to enable meaningful destiny is simple – be data driven; start young and follow through.

Contact: Craig Boucher, Operations Manager

Phone: +27 66 314 6953


Anti Drug Forum

Anti-Drug Forum

ADF Chatsworth (Anti-Drug Forum Chatsworth) is a renowned Anti-Drug Rehabilitation Centre that has been providing vital services to local communities since its establishment in 2005. Over the years, ADF Chatsworth has developed ground-breaking programs and rehabilitation models to effectively address substance abuse and provide support to individuals and families affected by addiction.


Contact: Sam Pillay – Director

Phone: 082 954 4835


FAMSA Durban

FAMSA is a non-profit organization providing vital services to persons in the family also provide them with psychosocial and emotional support. FAMSA has been in existence since 1954.

Our Centres have passionate team of caring, Counselling, Educational, Remedial and Child Social Workers and Counsellor’s to help you and /or your family. We offer a combination of Individual (Adult and Child), Couple, and Family counselling and assessment at affordable rates.

Contact: Meenaz Abraham – Director

Phone: (031) 202 8987


KZN Christian Social Services

KZN CSS is a Christian Faith based Social Services organisation in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa that renders social services with the church to individuals and communities in child care and protection, care for the elderly and community development.

Contact: Marthie Maritz

Phone: (031)701 9988



Abrina Esther House

Abrina Esther House

Abrina Esther House is a response to the need in Pietermaritzburg and surrounding communities for Godly, temporary, safe and caring shelter for women in distress and their children. For those who qualify, there is a further indeterminate period of nurturing for women and their children, including sustainable skills training.

Contact: Slindile Zonfi

Phone: (033)345 5843


PMB Child Family Welfare

The Child and Family Welfare Society

The Child and Family Welfare Society of Pietermaritzburg was started in 1921 by a group of volunteers to provide support to white families in distress. The need arose for similar services to be rendered to other race groups and Child Welfare Societies Emerged.

In 1990, the complex and sensitive process of amalgamation was started and by April 1994 the agency emerged as a unified, coherent, non racial agency with one staff, one headquarters and one board of management.

Contact: Ms JM Todd – Director

Phone: (039) 317 2039


Shepherd’s Keep

At Shepherd’s Keep We started caring for abandoned babies in 1998 and relocated to our present premises after operating for 2.5 years and finding the organization had outgrown the buildings.

As a 24-hour facility for babies from birth to twelve months old, the name of Shepherd’s Keep has become synonymous with excellence through hard work and dedication, and is favoured by most officials when seeking shelter for abandoned babies.

Contact: Colin Pratley – Director, Founder

Phone: 083 506 6570



Mother of Peace

At Mother of Peace we are a community for children who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused. Our work currently impacts 70 young lives – children who have come to us because of HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse or abandonment.

Contact:  Dion Ford – Admin Officer

Phone: (031) 916 2299


Ethembeni Crisis Care Centre

Ethembeni Crisis Care Centre registered non-profit organization, based at eMangangeni in KwaNdengezi Township, Ward 12 the sub-structure of EThekwini Municipality, Durban Metro, KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa.

In the year 2003, the community of KwaNdengezi realized the need of rehabilitation Centre owing to the high rate of domestic violence on women, vulnerable children and other related abuse targeted on women and children, the lack of information and knowledge of relevant institutions to assist with social problems.

Contact: Abigail Mbongwa – Director

Phone: 072 -224 3647


The Children in Distress Network (CINDI)

The Children in Distress Network (CINDI), founded in July 1996, is a multi-sectoral network of over 200 civil society organisations capable of implementing diverse, effective and sustainable programmes for children and youth infected or affected by HIV & AIDS in the province of KZN. Membership is comprised of 80% community-based organisations (CBOs) and 20% non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Contact: Rekha Naidoo – Director

Phone: (033) 345 7994



Muthande Society for the Aged

Muthande Society for the Aged, is focused on issues affecting the elderly in the community; their social, physical, economic and emotional needs.

Muthande is a community-based organization. Both the founders and the employees of the organization come from the communities we work in. The older persons we work in are able to familiarise with us and our services. We offer both Home Based Health Care and Social Services to older persons. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of senior citizens in their homes, within the community to ensure that they live as independent members of the society.

Contact: Mrs Zandile Mngoma – Director

Phone: (031) 309 5457


LifeLine Zululand

LifeLine Zululand is a leading service provider, promoting emotional wellness for the healing and transformation of individuals and communities in Northern KwaZulu Natal. LifeLine Zululand is based in Richards Bay and seeks to appoint suitable candidates as Social Work Supervisor in the King Cetshwayo, uMkhanyakude and Zululand Districts. 

Contact: Bethel Michelle Jewlal – Director

Phone: (035) 789 2472


Wentworth Victim Friendly Centre

We  are based at the Wentworth Police station. We provide emotional assistance, support, guidance to victims

Contact: Jenny Gomes – Director

Phone: 083 6325798


The Amazimtoti Trauma Unit

The Amanzimtoti Trauma Unit was established by Johnny van Rensburg and volunteers from our community. It was established due to the increase in domestic violence and abuse cases in our area. We provide care, support, accommodation and counselling for victims of crime and abuse.

Contact: Samantha Dean – Administrator

Phone: (031) 9037777