Ithemba Lethu (I have a destiny)

iThemba Lethu seeks to assist children and young people in Durban whose future is being threatened by HIV /AIDS.  Their vision is to see these children and young people regain a meaningful destiny by them:

  1. Recognising the value of their lives ;
  2. Recognising their spiritual inheritance;
  3. Being part of a secure family or having positive relationships.

iThemba Lethu has two programmes that seek to achieve these long term objectives.

 1.  HIV Prevention Programme

The objective of the intervention is to reduce HIV infection rates amongst young people in Cato Manor by reducing their risk-taking behavior in general. The motivation for change has to be the realisation of self-value and destiny.  This provides a backdrop against which HIV/AIDS education can then have a positive effect on their lifestyle and behaviour.

2.  Family Integration Programme

The objective is to care for babies who have been orphaned or abandoned as a result of HIV/AIDS whilst trying to find suitable adoptive or foster families with whom to permanently place the children.  iThemba Lethu also runs a breast milk bank to feed orphaned babies.

For more information on iThemba Lethu please visit their website.