Please read the funding criteria before completing a funding application.

Every organisation applying for funding from OJ must have the following:


  • a legal founding document or constitution
  • a competent management structure with an acceptable track record.

The Board of OJ must be satisfied that:


The organisation has the support of the community at large and is not limited to a specific race, religion or section of the community.


The organisation has maintained proper financial records (where applicable), regularly audited by registered external auditors.

The organisation regularly networks with other organisations or groups in the sector.

The organisation and the proposed project will be sustainable in terms of personnel and financial resources.


Funding will only be granted to organisations registered as NPO’s (Non-profit organisations) and having the necessary tax exemption.


 Funding will be limited to capital projects (buildings or equipment).

Wherever possible, land or buildings funded by OJ will be registered in the name of OJ and leased to the beneficiary organisation at a nominal rental.

Funding for building alterations or improvements will only be undertaken on property owned by the organisation, or on land leased to such an organisation in terms of a valid long-term lease.

Where applicable, funding will be made on the basis of progressive payments, supported by proof of expenditure. (Please indicate whether you are registered for VAT).


Funding will not be made in cash to the qualifying institution or intermediaries.

If no progress has been made towards completion of the project within 6 months after Board approval and if it is not the fault of OJ, OJ reserves the right to cancel the funding.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Applications with insufficient information will not be considered.

All applications should be submitted with:

  • Copy of your constitution
  • Copy of your NPO (Non-profit Organisation) certificate
  • Copy of your latest audited financial statements
  • Documentary proof of tax exemption
  • Documentary proof of title to property in the case of buildings (Lease agreement in the case of leased premises)
  • Two traceable letters of reference supporting your organisation
  • Details of Management Committee or Board of Trustees
  • A completed scorecard