Creating a Living from Waste Collection at Ethembeni Crisis Care Centre

Gender Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) Survivors women from Ethembeni Crisis Care Centre have formed group at Kwa Ndengezi, called, AYIKHO INKOMO YOBUTHONGO COOPERATIVE.

By collecting and sorting waste, they are generating an income  that can help them care for their families. Being able to support themselves empowers the women and improves their self-esteem.

Ms Abigail Mbongwa, Director and Founder member of Ethembeni explains how the proposed Buy Back Centre at a vacant site in Kwa Ndengezi Township will change the lives of the women.

Buy Back Centre

The establishment of this Buy Back Centre will ensure that all the waste collectors from Kwa Ndengezi area and surroundings will  have a place to sell the waste they collect.

The waste collectors get a stipend from the Presidential Empowerment Programme (PEP).

Speak out Against GBV

At present there are sixty seven women working two days a week.

We hope that this project sets an example and shows other women suffering from GBV in our community that they can break free.

As an organization, Ethembeni Care Centre is proud of the way the women jumped into this project with so much enthusiasm and commitment.

This story shines a light on the fact that even when we feel trapped or hurt or alone, there is a way towards the light, to a better life.

This is our good news story to tell.

“This story happened because of the Operation Jumpstart that offered us the use of a property,” Ms Abigail Mbongwa concludes. “for Ethembeni Care Centre, this enables us to fulfil our main objective of supporting and protecting all  victims harassed by the Gender Based Violence and Femicide scourge from their homes